"Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument" - Desmond Tutu
In this fast-changing world, people are bombarded with information from all over the globe. So, every aspiring leader needs to view matters governing the society with a critical eye, to build perspectives about them. With this as the motto, Vichaar was born. Vichaar, the Debating, Public Speaking and Social Science forum of SCMHRD, is the youngest committee at SCMHRD. Along with improving the public speaking skills of students, it aims to inculcate other leadership qualities like ability to influence and inspire, and to build self-confidence and team spirit.


Vichaar – The Debating, Public Speaking and Social Science Forum of SCMHRD, the youngest club at SCMHRD, was born with an urge to instill a culture of thinking, building perspectives, questioning and enhancing the understanding of the socio-economic issues that govern our society.


Vichaar focuses on providing a platform wherein different social, economic and political issues can be discussed. It affords the students an opportunity to improve their communication skills, develop a spirit of research, question the unknown and challenge the status quo.

Vichaar commenced by organising parliamentary debates. It witnessed 2 teams of nine students each discussing and arguing on topics with complete conviction and zeal to impress judges and fellow students. These debates, under the assistance of a mentor, demand students their utter dedication to produce facts, figures and statements that support their viewpoint.

Work Done

Vichaar has so far successfully conducted four major debating events, the topics of which were as follows:

  • This house believes that Bihar is the future Economic Powerhouse of India.
  • This house believes that the only solution to India’s problems is a dictatorial Government.
  • This house would legalize prostitution.
  • This house believes that Religion has done more harm than good.
  • This house believes that AAP is not the Messiah of India.

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