Secret Formula - Intaglio 2013

Organized By :IIM Calcutta

Gaurav Rustagi and Vinayak Prabhu

First year student of SCMHRD, Gaurav Rustagi and Vinayak Prabhu (Team - The Knights Out) were declared Runners up in "Secret Formula", the flagship event of Intaglio 2013, the International B School Summit of IIM Calcutta, held on 4th January 2013. The team from IIM Calcutta was declared as the winners.

The event comprised 3 rounds, one online round & 2 Case study based rounds. The finals were held at IIM Calcutta campus which included the Teams from IIM Calcutta, IIM Shillong, SP Jain Mumbai, and MDI Gurgaon along with SCMHRD. In finals, the challenge was to devise a Communication Strategy for Nokia C3 Mobile phone (considering the timeline of year 2009). The jury comprised Mr Surojit Sen, Director - Integrated Marketing, JWT Kolkata & Mr Ramendra Singh, Academics - Marketing, IIM Calcutta.

Caution Notice