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People don’t play sports because it’s fun. Ask any athlete, most of them hate it, but they couldn’t imagine their life without it. It’s part of them, the love hate relationship. It’s what they live for. They live for the practices, parties, cheers, long bus rides, invitationals, countless pairs of different types of shoes, water, Gatorade, and coaches you hate but appreciate. They live for the way it feels when they beat the other team, and knowing those two extra sprints they ran in practice were worth it. They live for the way they become family with their team, they live for the countless songs they sing in their head while training all those hours. They live for the competition, they live for the friends, the practices, the memories, the pain.
It’s who they are, IT’S WHO WE ARE !!
SCMHRD places great importance on the overall development of students and hence also encourages sports which is a vital part in an individual’s life. The Sports Committee works towards improving the sports environment in the institution by encouraging students’ participation in various sports tournaments, organizing inter and intra college sports meets and various other activities. Our aim is -

  • To foster participation and synergy with various B-Schools in India
  • To improve visibility and name of the institute
  • To encourage and motivate our students to participate
  • To showcase sporting talent of SCMHRD

The Institute has improved it’s performance in the sports field over the years which is evident from the achievements over the last few years. To list some of them:

Achievements 2013-14



Fitness for freedom run 2013

Prof. Venkatesh Murthy (First place) Kimaya Dasharath (Third Place) Josheita Mohan (Fourth Place)

SIU Basketball (Girls Runners Up)

Kimaya, Paridhi, Jahnvi & Neel, nimish selected for SIU team

SIU Football

Ashish, Kimaya selected for SIU team

SIU Table Tennis

Sharika selected for SIU team

SIU Volleyball (Girls Runners up, Boys Third place)

Vishwajeet selected for SIU team

SIU Cricket

Ankush , Adiyta selected for SIU team

Shaurya (IIM Ahmedabad fest 2013)

Silver in Girls Throwball, Boys Football and Chess

Sprint (SP Jain Fest 2014)

Medals in 17 categories including 6 Gold, 9 Silver & 5 Bronze

It is evident that the college has great sporting talent and has the potential to be one of the best B School in the country in sports. Yes, we watch sports for the excitement, but even more so, we watch it for the drama. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing a team come back to win that 4th series game after being down 0-3, a comeback after fans have already started to leave the arena, or a fighter getting off the canvas to score a come from behind knock-out. Sports is about those incredible moments where sheer human will and desire overcomes the odds. These are the moments we remember. We, the Sports Comm at SCMHRD believe in not only watching but living those moments!!

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