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The annual corporate cultural festival of SCMHRD NEEV celebrates its 26th year, this year. As the fest gets better year after year, NEEV 2019 is set to be one of the most awaited events of the year. The last edition of NEEV taught us to push break the status quo and foray beyond conforms. NEEV 2019 promotes the belief of transcending past our limits and succeeding in higher echelons. encapsulates the feeling of euphoria in the 3 days it takes place.

With over 35 events and collaboration with leading companies and industrialists, the flagship event of NEEV, Augustus, an event which views 2500 applications that are chosen to stand out from the rest in the search for India’s Best Student Manager winning an award worth Rs. 2 Lakhs. The perfect competition for contestants with the passion and the zeal to excel along with hard work emerges as a champion within this event. It’s a competition that puts a manager’s core competencies to the test. It’s an activity that tests business acumen and managerial mettle till the very last mile.

NEEV proudly presents Business Games, a set of events that encompasses the traits of a world-class manager. Incorporating the fields of Marketing, Finance, HR, and Operations. Within each Business Game, the participants are filtered down to a select few who would further go through a series of grueling rounds to reveal the ultimate specialists in their field. NEEV draws high participation of aspiring managers from the top 40 B-schools.

NEEV is the culmination of potential and talent portrayed through the augmented festivities brought out by the informal games. NEEV lays the foundation for aspiring dancers to express the art of music in their storyline. Furthermore, NEEV also gives its participants the chance to walk the ramp of fame showcasing glitz and glamour. Taking the festivities a notch up, The fashion face-off!, a platform to set a trend with the poise of your walk and the motifs on your attire and to complete the informal games the Miss India Fashion Show which presents all contestants with an equal opportunity to turn their dreams into reality.

“Failure is a condiment that gives success its flavor”. Introducing Atlantis Diaries, a platform through which the experience of professionals who have gone through the rugged nature of markets and emerged among the ranks of the top management in the industry is passed on to future managers. Unbounded by industries and specializations, NEEV takes pride in the involvement of entrepreneurs and industrialists like Mr.Kumar Mangalam Birla, Mr. Aditya Ghosh (Former CEO of Indigo Airlines, CEO of OYO), Mr. Harsha Bhogle (Indian cricket commentator & journalist), Mr. ASK Reddy, Mr. Tehseen Poonawala, Mr. H.K Gandhi and Mr. Gaurav Modwel.

The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals, NEEV unveils it’s pro-nights, The stage where celebrities conquered the night swaying SCMHRD off its feet. From strength to strength, the night was brought to life by the artists that caused sensations in the industry. Previous associations with Indian artists and celebrities like DJ Shadow, Nikhil D'Soua, KK, Agnee, Indian Ocean, Parikrama, Raghu of Roadies, Hard Kaur, Sivamani, Raghu Dixit and Motherjane, NEEV has also gone international with bands like Akcent and DJ Jaytech. Not to mention, NEEV was the first-ever organization to bring SUNBURN Goa to Pune in 2013.

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“When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

And once the storm is over, you won't remember how you made it through, how you managed to survive. You won't even be sure whether the storm is over. But one thing is certain. When you come out of the storm, you won't be the same person who walked in. That's what Augustus is all about."

AUGUSTUS, the flagship business event of SCMHRD Pune, where candidates from the Top B schools compete for the Biggest Prize Money offered by any B-school in the entire nation!

But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy catch. The participants have to put in their hard work, passion and the zeal to excel and rise as a Champion. They have to strive hard to stay ahead in the race and rise above all their fears. It’s a competition that puts a manager’s core competencies to test.

Therefore in AUGUSTUS, We, the student committee gets ample opportunity to organize various activities that not only help us escape from the rigorous grinds of management studies but also builds and shapes their creative sides and soft skills. 

With SCMHRD in its 26th year of inception, AUGUSTUS 2019 promises to be even bigger and better!

Come, Join and Experience the fun in this gruelling yet fascinating competition that would bounce you off the walls!

AUGUSTUS – The Nationwide Hunt awaits you!

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