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“We sing for laughter,
we sing for tears,
we sing For madness,
we sing for fears,
we sing for hopes,
we sing FOR screams,
we are THE Music Club@SCMHRD, we create the dreams !!!”

The music club is one of the functioning committees in SCMHRD. We bring to campus the arena, we bring to you the gig and we bring to you a reason to come out of your shells: fists thumpin’, feet tappin’ and lips synchin’.

The music club is one of the 3 annual participants of the Prayatna rock Show. We organize the musicians across the junior and senior batch and put forth a performance that is spoken about for the rest of the year, till we hit the SIC auditorium again to bring the house down!
The Pre-Neev show is the other main event the music club organizes. It sets the ball rolling for the biggest B School festival in the country. The platform has the stage opened up to all the students to come up on stage and sing as the music club provides a buoyant backing; providing everyone the experience of what it’s like to set the stage on fire!
Carol Singing is organized on the eve of Christmas, which has volunteers across the batch join in at the Neev Circle for an evening of merriment. We also put up the Christmas tree and decorations to get the atmosphere of joy permeate into everyone’s being!
Appreciation classes are conducted in the first month of the year, at reasonable rates, for guitars, drums, table and keyboards. Weekly classes are held and students can enroll on a monthly basis.
Valentine’s Day celebration was started this year. The mood of the evening was set with lighting and balloons. We held a few spot games that saw active participation by the batch, creating an overwhelming sense of mirth all over. The evening ended with an extended karaoke session which was enjoyed by all.

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