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The Management Committee of SCMHRD was initiated to increase awareness and encourage active participation of the students in the different facets of MBA. It conducts the flagship Annual Management Conclave – Yashasvi, one of the biggest business conclaves across the country.

The Committee conducts workshops and seminars throughout the year to create a nurturing environment that enhances students' leadership, managerial skills, and business acumen. The flagship Annual Management Conclave – Yashasvi, organised by the Committee, is a one-of-a-kind event that brings together corporates and students from premier B-Schools to delve into the pivotal developments in the dynamic business environment in the industry.

‘Yashasvi’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘To Be Successful’. As we set milestones in the various aspects of life and endeavour to achieve them, the hunger to be ‘Yashasvi’ fuels our ambitions and acts as the wind beneath our wings. It was conceived to encourage us to imbibe a fearless disposition and face the challenges of life head-on with the self-belief that triumph can be achieved despite all odds.

The Conclave allows the students to interact and engage with corporate leaders and pioneers who have seen the zenith of success through sheer hard work, grit, patience and perseverance. It is a three-day event to gain invaluable knowledge from the industry trailblazers as they share insights from their stellar experience and expertise. It also hosts various competitions, which enables students at SCMHRD to compete with some of the brightest minds from premier B-Schools all over India.

The Management Committee enables the students of SCMHRD to prepare for their placements through a comprehensive placement training programme – A.C.E. (Aspire-Conquer-Excel). The A.C.E. programme encompasses the entire gamut of activities from allocation of personal mentors conducting knowledge transfer sessions, mock group discussions and mock personal interviews, ensuring that students are well-prepared to ace the placement selection processes.

The Management Committee, SCMHRD facilitates the IRC (International Research Colloquium) for the past two years. The IRC, which essentially is a Prelude to the S-Teams Conference, witnesses decorated subject experts imparting knowledge about the global trends in research while speaking of futuristic business developments. This year IRC 2022 was a six-day appearance with varied sessions on the importance of innovation, digital disruption, sustainable business approaches, and digitalization in IT, among many others.

The International Research Colloquium serves as a platform to learn about the global trends of subject research and understand the needs of the upcoming developmental changes in the world of business.

The committee also conducts the Student Apprentice Program (SAP), designed to provide the first-year students with a platform to interact with the senior batch while preparing the interns for their Summer Internships. This initiative has been formulated by keeping in mind the students who will soon be getting an idea of working in a professional set-up, answering their queries, and alleviating their anxieties regarding the same.

Last but not least, the Management Committee conducts MIME Talks as part of the Alumni City Meets – Footprints, led by the Alumni Relations Team. MIME Talks, which stands for Management in Modern Era, encourages our esteemed alumni to initiate business dialogues beyond boardrooms. These discussions with the managers of the modern era ignite the thirst for knowledge in young minds, thereby providing them with the opportunity to learn outside the classroom.

Essentially, the Management Committee aims to be an ever-evolving source of information and opportunities for all SCMHRDians willing to go the extra mile to reach the top.

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