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The Management Committee of SCMHRD is an amalgamation of three pre-existing committees of the institution, namely the Marketing Club, HR Forum and Finance Club. This committee is the nucleus of initiatives taken with incentive of increasing awareness and encouraging participation in the fields of Marketing, Human Resources, Finance and Operations Management.

Management Committee is involved in conducting workshops and seminars throughout the year with the vision of creating an environment that nurtures leadership with enhanced business acumen in students. The flagship event of the committee, the Management Conclave, is a one of a kind corporate interface involving all the prominent B-Schools of the Country. A two-day event structured with the intent of gaining invaluable knowledge from the corporate leaders, it also hosts various competitions which enable students at SCMHRD to learn and compete with some of the brightest minds from premier B-Schools all over India.

This committee is an ever-evolving source of information and opportunities for all SCMHRD-ians who are willing to go that extra mile to reach the top.

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