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Library is a heart of the organization or institutes. Library plays vital role in the development of the students as well as the faculty members. Library is trinity of students, Staff Members & Resources. Library built collection and create tools to support teaching and learning.



Total No.

Textbooks – 23970


Reference books - 4681



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Library Timings

  • Monday to Saturday – 8am to 9pm
  • Sunday – 10am to 9pm
  • Reading Hall – 24 x 7

General Rules

  • Students can issue 4 library books on 4 library tickets for a week.
  • A fine Rs.5/- day will be charged on late return of books issued on library borrow cards.
  • Students can avail the facility of reference books / journals / periodicals within the library premises only against library tickets or I-cards.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Complete silence should be maintained. Group discussions, lectures are not allowed in library.
  • Difficulties if any should be discussed with the library staff.


Library has memberships of some well-known organizations like :

  1. MCCIA
  2. NHRD
  3. CII (Indian Journal of Confederation Indian Industry)

Borrowing Facility

No of books issued to each segment of users


No. of books


4 books for 7 days


3 books for 15 days

Borrowing rules

  • Renewal of the books will depend on availability and requirement of the same by others.
  • Loss of Borrower cards should be reported to the library staff immediately.
  • Issue of duplicate borrow cards will be made against due charges.
  • Borrower’s card is not transferable.
  • Students can avail the facility of reference books / journals / periodicals within the library premises only against library tickets or I-cards.
  • A fine Rs.5/- day will be charged on late return of books issued on library borrow cards.
  • Writing of scribbling on or tearing of pages of library books, news papers, periodicals etcis prohibited & will be liable for strict action.


Library has 10 well-known online databases

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Name of online Database




Terminal based access in a Bloomberg lab








Harvard Business Publishing Cases (For Faculties only)









CMIE Prowess IQ






CMIE Economic Outlook



CMIE Industry Outlook


Institute Publications

  1. Drishtikon : A Management Journal

    Drishtikon : A Management Journal is a Biannual Journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development. The objective of this journal is to disseminate knowledge encompassing emerging management concepts, product and process innovations, structure and performance of organizations and industries in dynamic socio-cultural, political, technological, economical and political environment. The first issue of the journal was published in March, 2010.

    Journal is indexed within Ebsco Database, Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities and Ulrich’s Periodical Directory.
    Context is aimed at conceptual interpretation of emerging managerial issues and perspectives on organizations, academic institutes, government and society. Analysis would be based on quantitative and qualitative approaches to and empirical research on markets, organizations, economy, accounting, information technology, human resource, business strategies and policy, ethics, finance, and production processes. Case would incorporate real business situation and managerial decision taken at functional, organizational and strategic level. Review would have reviews of current management books and summarization of contemporary research articles of business interest published in creditable international and national journals.

    The editorial team of Drishtikon includes name from prestigious MBA institutes of India and abroad like Indian Institute of Management (Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Rohtak), University of Business& International Studies (Geneva), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak(Malayasia), Syiah Kuala University(Indonesia), ISC Paris School of Management(Paris) ,SCMHRD (Pune) etc..

    If you want to contribute your article or case to Drishtikon then you can email soft copy of the paper for consideration for publication to sonali_bhattacharya@scmhrd.edu or if you have hard copy then you can post it to address given below

    The Editor,
    Drishtikon: A Management Journal
    Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development
    Plot No. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
    Hinjewadi, MIDC,
    Pune 411057, India
    Contact No: Office: +91 20 22934304 ext. 332

  2. PRIMA : Practices And Research In Marketing

    PRIMA is biannual journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development which aims at dissemination of insightful and original marketing knowledge. It welcomes novel and ground-breaking contributions from a wide range of research traditions within the broad domain of marketing. PRIMA is not pre-disposed towards either empirical work or pure theory, or towards one particular method or approach, any approach that helps to break new ground is welcome. It also encourages contribution from global scholars from vast marketing domain.

    PRIMA is an outlet for research that is :

    • Based on rigorous, high quality scholarly work of global standards
    • From a diverse range of methodological, philosophical and theoretical approaches
    • Taken from theoretical conceptualization and appropriate research methodology
    • Well written, clear, relevant and most importantly of interest to marketing practitioners as well as academicians.

    The key audiences which this journal tries to address are Marketing scholars, Senior and middle marketing management, Senior executives in distribution, market research and advertising.

    Prima is indexed within Ebsco database and 'Ulrich's International Directory.

    The editorial team of Drishtikon includes names from prestigious MBA institutes of India like Kansas University, USA, MICA, Ahmedabad, SCMHRD, Pune among few.

  3. OPUS : Organize People & Us

    OPUS is a double blind peer reviewed scholarly journal published biannually by the Department of Human Resources, of the Symbiosis Centre of Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD)[1], in collaboration with Publishing India.com. Original research contributions are invited from scholars, practitioners, and consultants primarily in the areas of Human Resource Management (HRM), Organizational Behavior (OB), Industrial Relationship (IR) and other interdisciplinary subjects. The journal aims to provide an avenue for discussion, debate and information sharing about research, provocative ideas and arguments stemming from the theories and practice of HRM, OB and related disciplines.

    Authors are invited to submit original manuscripts which may be conceptual or empirical studies replete with adequate methodological rigor. Case studies, book reviews based on various gamuts of business and management science not restricted only on HRM, OB, and IR are also invited. The journal is in the process of getting indexed with international databases of academic repute.

    General Guidelines for Authors:

    • Original manuscripts with a word count of 2000 - 10,000 words (maximum) limit will be accepted.Total number of pages not to exceed 30 typed A4 sheets including graphs, tables and appendices.
    • Word files only (.doc or .docx) in double space with 1 and 1/2" wide margin on the left and 1" on the right.
    • The cover page of the manuscript must contain the title of the paper, author's contact information,professional affiliation (if different from the mailing address), and acknowledgements, if any.
    • The first page of the paper should contain only the title of the paper.
    • Every manuscript must include an abstract of 150-200 words along with 4-5 key words.
    • All notes must be serially numbered and should be given at the bottom of the page as foot notes.
    • References should be given separately at the end of the paper and arranged alphabetically according to the 6th Edition of APA format.
    • Please contact the Chief Editor for any other queries.

    Submission Requirements

    Manuscripts are to be submitted in two stages both in the form of soft and hard copies to the Chief Editor of the journal for his consideration. Stage 1: Concepts, hypotheses offered Stage 2: Full research paper Soft copies of the manuscript should be emailed to opus@scmhrd.edu and a hard copy should be sent to the following address:

    The Editor,
    Drishtikon: A Management Journal
    Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development
    Plot No. 15, Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
    Hinjewadi, MIDC,
    Pune 411057, India
    Contact No: Office: +91 20 22934304 ext. 332

Library Feedback

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Library Committee

Chairperson : Dr. Pratima Sheorey, Director


  1. Dr. Netra Neelam, Deputy Director
  2. Col. Kiran Kanade (AO)
  3. Dr. Manoj Hudnurkar, Professor
  4. Ms. Richa Priya, Tech Instructor

Student representatives:

  1. Diksha Ravi (MBA 2018 -20)
  2. Harshal Dange (MBA-IM 2018-20)
  3. Mr. Ranit Oberai (MBA-BA 2019-21)
  4. Ms. Swati Mehta (MBA 2019-21)

Library Advisor :
Dr. Sangeeta Paliwal,
Deputy Librarian, University Library
Symbiosis International ( Deemed University), Lavale

Coordinator : Mr. Avinash Babar,
Asst. Library Incharge

Term : 1 year

Purchase Suggestions

Students can suggest or recommend the book they want on below
E-mail ID :- library@scmhrd.edu

Library Staff

Mrs.Madhuri Pangare

Asst. Library Incharge

Mr. Avinash Babar

Asst. Library Incharge

Anil S. Salve

Sr. Library Assistant

Mr.Ravi Bolade

Sr. Attandant

Mr.Ashok Jadhav

Sr. Attandant


Symbiosis Infotech Campus, Plot No. 15,
Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park,
MIDC, Hinjawadi, Pune – 411057
Telephone No.:-

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