SCMHRD Pune Events


Neev 2013- The Quest Equilibrar

The week is done, events over, visitors have left but history has already been made and will be remembered forever. The phenomenon being mentioned here is none other than the most awaited, the most coveted event of year, NEEV 2013.

This year it began with Pre-Neev events on 3rd December, where students of SCMHRD built up the energy by holding various informal games and activities. Highlight for these days was the music night, where our very own music team entertained the students with some marvellous performances.

6th December opened the NEEV by a breathtaking pyrotechnic performance by Mayo. From then, there was no stopping The Quest Equilibrar. From the great show by Raghu Dixit project to an unforgettable experience of sunburn campus by jaytech, one can never decide whether it was a knowledge sharing event or a fun filled week.

From Augustus to Udaan to the Shapath street play, NEEV managed to move our cogs in all the directions. It was not something that can be captured by words or be understood by listening. The only way to relate to with this wave is by, as they say, "come experience it".

Caution Notice