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The corporate interactions at SCMHRD are organized and coordinated by the Corporate Relations Team. The team carries out a myriad of corporate engagements throughout the year enabling the placement of the batch. The team also coordinates with all the other student committees and ensures that their committee activities align with the interests of all the stakeholders of the Institute.

It accomplishes the objectives of the committee to place the batch to the optimum by managing all the corporate engagement activities through the conduct of structured and systematic summer and Final Placement processes. This is done under the guidance of Dr. K. Rajagopal, Deputy Director, and Dr.Netra Neelam, Director of SCMHRD.

The Corporate Relations Team works all throughout the year in establishing corporate connections with the Organisations of various sectors. The team also engages with the legacy recruiters of the Institutes who have been associated with SCMHRD for decades. Moreover, the team also channelize their efforts into onboarding new and relevant companies to engage with students. These efforts result in positive results seen in the outcome of summer and final placements at SCMHRD.

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