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Consulting Club at SCMHRD is an initiative that opens a whole world of opportunities for its students to learn from real-time business challenges in addition to just usual past case studies. This attempt, the first of its kind, places SCMHRD among the top B-Schools internationally. It operates with a backbone of over 300 management students, led by a team of proficient faculty and guided by external consultants for specialized solutions. The cell looks forward to develop a unique corporate-academic synergy model to achieve the ultimate objectives viz. innovation, learning and of-course profit.

Our Business

Consulting and Research Services Provider

Our Vision

To add value to our clients and industry as a whole through innovative and pragmatic solutions.

Our Core Competencies

Customized Research, Modeling and Data Analytics are the core services offered.

Our Unique Business Model

Our operational model necessitates commitment for project delivery from the student representatives along with the faculty. This is more efficient and effective as compared to other institutional models where only a faculty person bears the responsibility.

Our Background & Client Portfolio

We started operating in 2006 and have successfully delivered projects spanning over 6000man-hrs. With learning as the prime goal, we pursue high level of quality, integrity and professionalism. Our robust business model & expert guidance helped us in getting a diversified client portfolio. Some examples of our client profile are:
Manufacturing: Rs.85cr turnover organization
Services: One of the top 3 competitive exam preparation services providers in India.
Banking: One of the top 3 banking services providers in the world.


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