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Guest Lecture by Mr. Ramesh Damani, member of BSE and a maverick investor

Mr. Ramesh Damani, fondly called as the “Nawab of Dalal Street,” is a maverick investor and an eminent member of the Bombay Stock Exchange. He is a 30 year veteran of stock markets and a proponent of value investing with a brilliant track record of stock picking. He ventured into the Indian Stock Market in 1989 and is said to be a believer of the merits of a highly diversified portfolio.

Mr. Damani started the discussion with a few very basic points that are ignored by many when it comes to stock markets. He spoke about the power of compounding as the eighth wonder of the world and eventually linked it to stock valuation and how to have a circle of competence while deciding on ones stock picking strategies. Along with this he also focused on the trends in a bullish market and he himself being a voracious reader popularly known as, “A book with two legs,” also provided the students with names of some books on stock markets by some eminent writers.

The session indeed helped our students develop a more detailed insight into investments in stocks and also a deeper insight into how to utilize every penny they save.

We are grateful to Mr. Damani for his time and efforts.