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Guest Lecture by Capt. A.K Karkare, Marine Consultant and Director(T) at Sai Techno Consultants

On 14th August 2013, Capt.A.K.Karkare, Marine Consultant and Director(T) Sai Techno Consultants, visited SCMHRD campus.

He is a Master Mariner (FG) and has served at sea for 15 years in Indian and Foreign Shipping Companies with distinction from 1956 -1971. He then joined the Mumbai Port Trust and served there for 22 years with distinction. He retired from MbPT as Director Pollution Control and Marine Projects in 1993. He has now served 12 years as Marine Consultant and is a Specialist in Greenfield Port Projects, with 3 projects having been successfully completed by him.

He is a regular writer to leading Maritime Magazines and newspapers of repute like The Economic Times. He is also Marine Advisor and Consultant on several panels to many Government and non-Government organizations like IPA ( Indian Port Association, New Delhi), MMB (Maharashtra Maritime Board, Mumbai), Tata Power company, KPMG, Deloitte, DPCL (Dhamra Port Company Limited), CTTL (Chemical Terminal Trombay Limited) Price Water, McKinsey, International Maritime Organization (IMO, London) to name a few.

The session started with a presentation, explaining the evolution of ports in India, the current scenario of port and shipping industry, inclusive of port capacity and investments in port sector. Also, he threw light on the road blocks and various challenges presently being faced and how they may be overcome/are being overcome. The day’s discussion also entailed regulation, clearances, funding etc. along with a list of broad action points that could be followed. He talked about his first hand experiences which gave us invaluable insights into the Port Sector.

A movie clip was later shown which depicted a simulation of the various aspects of a port. It was an illustrious and highly informative clip which helped us understand the nuances of a port.

The entire session was interactive and made everyone realize the importance of non-major ports in India. The students and the faculty alike found it a highly useful session enriched with the nuggets of his experience from which we had a lot to learn.