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Guest Lecture by Mr.Himanshu Saran, General Manager, Regional Leader Facility Management, Cummins

On 24th August 2013, Mr. Himanshu Saran visited SCMHRD and delivered a Guest Lecture on Energy Conservation.

Mr. Saran has over 25 years of experience in Facility Management, Plant Engineering Operations and Project Management. He is currently working as General Manager, (Regional Leader Facility Management) at Cummins, Pune after having successfully handled project and facility management activities across over 50 locations in India.

The session started with bringing forth how we end up doing Energy "ConVERsation" rather that Energy "ConSERvation", i.e. merely talking about the issue at hand without actual implementation. He then led on to tell us how taking care of few simple things would go a long way in ensuring availability of resources for our future generations. He threw light on how and when to go about with energy auditing.

Case studies were later discussed. These were live examples which reinforced our learning.

The entire session was interactive with a lot of questions being addressed by our esteemed speaker. The students and the faculty alike found it a highly useful session enriched with the nuggets of his experience from which we had a lot to learn.