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E.A.R.N by S.H.A.P.A.T.H 2014

 S.H.A.P.A.T.H, Symbiosis Head start for Awareness Prevention and Action against Trafficking of Humans is the CSR cell of SCMHRD, Pune that fights against human trafficking, forced prostitution and forced labour.

Students of SCMHRD created ripples across the city with a unique and innovative concept-  E.A.R.N., Enable All to Revive and Nurture, a campaign which is new for all the B-Schools in our country,  a campaign that truly lives up to its name by leveraging managerial acumen for a social cause.

E.A.R.N., a three day event, wherein all the 300 students of SCMHRD worked in numerous renowned outlets across Pune like, Mango, Central, Shoppers Stop, etc. and the stipend earned by these students was contributed towards conducting the rehabilitation activities. The idea was to apply the learnings of a  B-School in the practical world, for the upliftment of the society. And at the same time, to give a new and fresh perspective to the corporate involved.

SHAPATH kick started this event on 15th August, the Independence day, as an attempt to unshackle the invisible chains of human trafficking. It was marked by a FREEDOM Ride and an exclusive Flag hoisting ceremony in collaboration with the HOG ( Harley Davidson Owner’s Group) and Amanora staff. The ceremony concluded with the distribution of wristbands to create awareness for the cause. These bands endorsed a tagline, “Trafficking: Stop Demand, End Supply”, implying to stop the demand of forced prostitution & end the supply of trafficked people.