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Prayatnas Rock Show 2014

“ Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” – Plato

The Rock Show, Prayatna’s flagship event is a fund-raising activity, was held on 25th August this year. The students at SIC campus, Pune, put on their Metallica and Megadeath t-shirts, to enjoy and devote an evening for a noble cause and experienced a new musical world filled with excitement and ecstasy.

The Rock Show at SIC campus presented the best musicians to entertain, by performing their most fascinating and enthralling performances. Whether it was a solo, a duet or a fusion mix the artists had their A-Game on. And these outstanding artists were none other than the students of the three colleges at SIC campus- SCMHRD, SCIT and SIIB. Students of all the three colleges cheered for the music with a grand footfall of nearly 800. Rockshow was a huge success for Prayatna and was able to bring a smile on the face of small kids associated with Prayatna