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Vichaar Chapter 5 : "Is AAP the messiah of India"

With the 2014 elections just around the corner, Indians are contemplating about the future of Indian politics. Some of the questions that puzzle us are: Will the new kid in the block, the Aam Aadmi Party save the largest democracy?....Will the Indians choose AAP simply because they were let down by other parties?.... Will AAP prove to be a knight in shining armour?

Going by the popular demand Vichaar Chapter 5 witnessed the clash of opinions on the topic ‘AAP is not the Messiah of India’. Team 1 (for the motion) consisted of Adrita  Basak, Aishwarya Mohol, Divya Jha, Jasjeet Singh, Neha Mishra, Kshitiz Ghatole and Denzil Edwards. While Team 2 (against the motion) included Jayshree Shankar, Rahul Singhai, Ruchi Amlani, Saloni  Khatri, Sonam Sinha, Vipul Chouhan and Virendra Somani.

The teams presented their viewpoints before sagacious judges – Mr. Ashish Kulkarni and Dr. Venkatesh Murthy and a discerning audience. Both the teams discussed and argued with complete conviction and vigour to influence the judges and their fellow students. The teams put forth their speeches with facts, figures and statements to support their viewpoints. After considering judges points and audience poll, Team 1 was declared the winner of the debate, winning with a minuscule of a deviation from the other team.Vipul Chouhan was named the Best Speaker and was awarded with a trophy for his sarcastic speech and witty rebuttals.