"Every individual deserves the opportunity to learn and grow and we at Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development strongly believe in giving back to society. Our Institute Social Responsibility cell, SAMATVA, believes in equal consideration for all and strives to bring a change in people’s lives. This committee has been an integral part of the college for 10 years. Founded in 2008 as Prayatna, our ISR cell has grown from catering to a few underprivileged students to now collaborating with NGOs across Pune and aiding their work. We endeavour to not let our cramped schedule as management students become a barrier from conducting a wide array of events across the year.

We have two flagship Events, namely E.A.R.N and TE.A.CH. In the past, E.A.R.N – Enable All to Revive and Nurture, entailed earning money from external sources, instead of taking donations. All the first year MBA students worked in stores across Pune for 3 days. The work comprised of utilizing their quantitative, analytical and managerial skills and assisting the store-owners in enhancing their business by marketing it on social media, engaging the customers and getting their feedback. At the same time, they spread awareness about human trafficking among the customers, giving them a bit to think upon while they leave the store. And every year, E.A.R.N. managed to come out with flying colours and attain its motive. However, from this year onwards, we will collaborate with almost 10 NGOs across Pune, wherein for 3 days, students will volunteer at NGOs to contribute to community service activities.

Our other flagship event is TE.A.CH – Teach A Child, a three-day drive which focuses on imparting much needed value and education, and bringing the power of awareness among school children in the vicinity of SCMHRD. The emphasis of this initiative is on imparting valuable life lessons to more than 2000 students and helping them evolve into better members of society. Several other activities are conducted with a special focus on helping them learn how to work in groups and not just as individuals. The entire batch of 2018-2020 will be involved in both the flagship events.

Our evening tutorial program, INSPIRIT, runs throughout the year and caters to more than 50 underprivileged students from areas nearby the campus. Children from class one to ten from Marathi, semi-English and English medium schools come under this program’s ambit. It focuses on quality education and on inculcating moral values with special attention towards developing their overall personality. We also work on creating awareness amongst parents with respect to Education and Hygiene and making them a responsible stakeholder in their child’s development.

Our other events around the year include Children’s Day celebrations, wherein kids from the INSPIRIT program enjoy the day with students of SCMHRD. We also celebrate Christmas with them with our special event ‘Joy of Giving’, where all the students of the institute donate stationary and other useful articles to the kids. A Clothes Donation Drive is conducted to help villages under Symbiosis Community Outreach Programme and Extension (SCOPE) to help improve lives in a small way. We also observe Cerebral Palsy Day to educate the batch about this disorder. Moreover, we mark the 16th of every month as Zero Wastage Day.

We plan to organise an RTE drive in the coming months which would focus on creating awareness about the right to free education in SCOPE villages.

As a team, our focus is on helping those who are not as resourceful and privileged as we are. We try to do our bit and support the dreams of a few, aiding them in their journeys.

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