Apart from students’ academic growth, SCMHRD aims to develop them into responsible citizens with a pinch of perfection in networking, leadership and a result-oriented approach. The college’s recent social initiatives like - The Happiness Project, The Herostone, Mental Health Week, Vrikshak, Inspirit and others instil a sense of social belonging in students, thereby highlighting their social responsibility towards the environment. 

The internationalisation program helps to build a network for students. In general terms, an MBA student can get college mates from India; however, SCMHRD’s student exchange program helps get international exposure for faculty members and students. In addition, students can collaborate with international students to develop research-oriented projects. Moreover, the internationalisation program can work wonders in recruiting students across other countries.

Additionally, the health-promoting initiatives of SCMHRD uplift the college’s stakes over other renowned institutes. In the present scenario, health is everyone’s last priority, owing to which the college has initiated health promotion campaigns. This initiative is not limited to SCMHRD; Symbiosis International University strives to work on health promotion among students, faculties and all its stakeholders. 

The university currently works in four verticals, viz. Healthcare Services, Nutrition and Dietetics, Sports and Fitness, and Community Outreach. All four verticals are decided upon after a professional consultation and thorough research. The university aims to bring a meaningful and sustainable transformation in all of its colleges through these verticals.

Finding a university that is concerned about your health and not just academic success is rare!


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