Students Speak

Students Speak 2014 -2016

Excellence is not an art but a habit. And the way SCHMRD shaped my life by directing a change in my thought process and learning trajectory. I owe a lot to it. From the curriculum to co-curricular activities to guest lectures and persistent guidance from faculty, the journey has been a great experiential learning in its own way. Being a marketing committee member, doing live projects etc. gave me a seamless practical exposure. For its indelible impact- Once an SCMHRDian, always an SCMHRDian.

Tanvi Tayal, Human Resources

Each and every single day at SCMHRD offered me a new learning as well as a new opportunity. From rigorous academic curriculum to live projects to corporate competitions to student committee activities, SCMHRD offers it all. Faculty at SCMHRD ensures that students receive the right support and guidance for holistic development. I am a proud member of Finance club. This committee added a B to my B-school experience. The scale of events and competitions organized by finance club gave me the right exposure to start my corporate life. My MBA helped me to develop the required skills and competencies to sustain in the dynamic environment and be recognised as a brand-brand SCMHRD in the industry.

Sugandha Sharma, Human Resources

The curriculum @ SCMHRD keeps you so engaged that it builds the character of a manager in you. In this challenging VUCA times where business demands flexibility, innovation and to deliver results in adverse demanding environment, the two years @ SCMHRD acts like a adaptogen and tailor the students to outperform and be successful future leaders. Being a part of S-REFLECT, I learned recipe of producing great results through a team, which is the key to success in any business. Committee work enhanced my scope of creativity and build a risk taking character in me. SCMHRD acts like a chalice with potion full of opportunities both intellectual as well as career building and it also teaches that nothing comes easily and learn the correct balance between when to collaborate and when to outrun.

Munish Sharma, Human Resources

From the friends I made to the group assignments to the committee work, all of it has influenced me to be a better person.  While committee work not only put me through the rigour of a corporate life but also was a live space to explore the concepts learnt in classroom. And I should mention, the up to date curriculum will awe your mentor during your internship!  If paraphrased, friends, curriculum and committee are the three chapters of my experience at SCMHRD.

Abinaya K, Marketing

I learnt by participating in multiple extra-curricular & club activities I enhanced myself as an individual. Having a residential and compact campus one used to interact with others quite often which contributed towards knowledge sharing. Being a committee member and getting involved in related activities transforms you as an individual. There will be beneficial traits which one will develop while working for the committee which probably no one else could inculcate in the near future. The 2 years ware adventurous. You will enjoy the journey here, learn new things, make good friends and live every moment.

Amit Gupta, Marketing

SCMHRD provides finest intellectual nourishment; strengthens vision to anticipate business dynamics; and constantly keeps challenging status quo to fight for being the best. Plethora of opportunities and sound academic curriculum which this college has to offer help one tackle business cases through myriad competitions, solve real-time industry problems via various live projects and publish researches under the guidance of esteemed faculties in relevant forums. I being a student of MBA-Operations and a core member of Consulting club and Dance club got ample of chances to pursue my interests and follow my passion, which in turn groomed me well to confidently face outer world and climb the corporate ladder.

Prince Porwal, Operation

The comprehensive and wholesome nature of SCMHRD PGDMBA Programme has greatly influenced in moulding my career to be industry ready. It has equipped me with knowledge and honed my skills to facilitate a smooth transition from a learner to a practitioner.
Being part of various Committees (Consulting Club,X-Tasy, Admissions Drive) has given me a hands-on experience in handling tricky situations and solving many adversaries encountered in a project setup. All prospective students can not only expect an excellent learning opportunity and a plethora of career options, but also an environment which builds and promotes talents and skills in all spheres of life.
Thus every day @SCMHRD is a new learning experience both personally and professionaly which makes the life all the more challenging and interesting.

Taniya Guha, Operation

Life at SCMHRD has been a roller-coaster ride right from the beginning both in terms of the rigorous curriculum it has and the exposure it provides. Being a part of Finance Club has given me opportunities to interact with industry stalwarts, accepting various challenges at hand and providing innovative solutions for he same. This enthusiastic student committee culture aims at holistic development of students and make them industry ready. Lastly, SCMHRD has given me a great opportunity and made me capable enough to be able to represent it at Asia Pacific Round of CFA Research Challenge- an experience that would would be cherished for life.

Shailie Naik, Finance

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