Social Initiatives

SCMHRD is one of the most active B-Schools when it comes to CSR activities. There is a conscious effort to encourage the students to take responsibility and initiatives in the social sector and for the betterment of the society. SHAPATH and Prayatna are two such initiatives that aim at improving the lives of hundreds of people in and around Pune.

S.H.A.P.A.T.H has grown in leaps and bounds since its beginning. It is now functioning as one of the core committee’s of SCMHRD and the corporate social responsibility cell of the college.

Major activities conducted on an annual basis are the band drive and CSR conclave. Band drive is held in two phases. The first phase is held in the 1st semester of the academic year. This is conducted in Pune city and witnesses energetic participation from the junior batch of SCMHRD every year. Band drive is an event where the participants sell bands on the streets of Pune, raising funds and creating mass awareness amongst the common public. The second phase is held in Mumbai in month of January .The funds raised are deployed in rehabilitation and educational efforts for the victims of human trafficking , who have been rescued. S.H.A.P.A.T.H. has partnership with NGO’s in Hadapsar, Saheli and Mundhwa as well as the Hope for Glory Foundation(H.O.G.F).This year witnessed the beginning of a social entrepreneurship effort named Project Jeevika, which is aimed at creating sustainable living solution for the victims of human trafficking, by training them and setting up a papad factory at the government owned Hadapsar rescue foundation.CSR conclave was held in January 2014 which was platform to get various stakeholders of the society who play critical role in tackling the evil of human trafficking, to interact and come up with innovative ideas and initiatives.CSR conclave witnessed encouraging support from the corporates, social workers,faculty, students and social workers. Kids from H.O.G.F gave a commendable performance and left the audience enthralled.

Prayatna, An Initiative for Social Change, is a registered non-profit Non-Government Organization run by students from three colleges: Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB), Symbiosis Centre for Information Technology (SCIT) and Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) at the Symbiosis InfoTech Campus (SIC), Hinjewadi, Pune

Its aim is to:

  • To help in the education of children from poor sections of the society.
  • To give them guidance and inculcate moral values in them.
  • To help in their overall personality development.
  • To make the society especially the parents aware of the importance of education.
  • To make the parents a responsible stakeholder in their child's growth.

It is with passion and commitment that the volunteers of our various activities involve themselves and contribute for the good cause of the committee. Each of our activities and events encourage everyone to come forward, stand for the right thing and do your bit in giving back to the society. Together we can conquer any evil, together we move forward for a better future!

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