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PRIMA : Practices and Research in Marketing

PRIMA is biannual journal of Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development which aims at dissemination of insightful and original marketing knowledge. It welcomes novel and ground-breaking contributions from a wide range of research traditions within the broad domain of marketing. PRIMA is not pre-disposed towards either empirical work or pure theory, or towards one particular method or approach, any approach that helps to break new ground is welcome. It also encourages contribution from global scholars from vast marketing domain.

PRIMA is an outlet for research that is :
1. Based on rigorous, high quality scholarly work of global standards
2. From a diverse range of methodological, philosophical and theoretical approaches
3. Taken from theoretical conceptualization and appropriate research methodology
4. Well written, clear, relevant and most importantly of interest to marketing practitioners as well as academicians

The key audiences which this journal tries to address are Marketing scholars, Senior and middle marketing management, Senior executives in distribution, market research and advertising.

Prima is indexed within Ebsco database and 'Ulrich's International Directory'.

The editorial team of Drishtikon includes names from prestigious MBA institutes of India like Kansas University, USA, MICA, Ahmedabad, SCMHRD, Pune among few.

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