HR Mesh

The HR Forum releases a half yearly magazine called the ‘HR Mesh’ which features analysis of major developments, trends and practices occurring in the HR arena throughout different industries . It invites articles from major B-Schools across India and portrays the various and diverse HR perspectives of students.

A special theme-based edition is also released every December which calls for different outlooks on a specific topic related to HR. The magazine also focuses on our Alumni and prominent personalities of the HR world and conveys their insights about the latest issues concerning the field.
Few of the latest editions of HR Mesh

1. HR Mesh August 2014.
2. HR Mesh Special Edition January 2014.
2. HR Mesh August 2013.


The Finalyst is a bi-monthly publication covering articles on relevant financial issues contributed by students, alumni and corporate executives. It includes topics which have consistently impacted our economy.

An effort from the Finance Club, Finalyst brings together students, the faculty, alumni and acts as a knowledge sharing platform for finance enthusiasts. Covering a wide array of subjects, it is a valuable source of current trends in the financial sector and the Indian Economy.

Here is a compilation of the recent Editions of Finalyst.

1. July 2013 Edition of Finalyst.
2. September 2013 Edition of Finalyst.
3. November 2013 Edition of Finalyst.
4. January 2014 Edition of Finalyst.

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