At SCMHRD, we have five functional areas i.e. Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, Operations Management and Entrepreneurship Development . These five functional areas are facilitated through various Center of Excellence. Each of these is a leadership unit which independently decides designs, develops and integrates all aspects of the concerned functional area.

Human Resources

Curriculum is designed to combine academic rigour with practical relevance. The course will enable you to integrate core business competencies with interpersonal skills required to manage people.


The centre aims at facilitating and enhancing your learning and in-depth knowledge of the subject and expose you to the latest trends and business models and encourage you to apply knowledge to real life situations.


Provides advanced skills in applied finance required for today’s competitive environment. It helps prepare you in careers for corporate finance and treasury management, investment banking, commercial banking and likewise.


The centre aims to nurture the expertise in manufacturing and services domain. It provides you with a technology based (SAP) approach to the important verticals of the industry i.e. manufacturing, supply chain and logistics.

Entrepreneurship Development

Aimed at creating a spirit of entrepreneurship in you and disseminate knowledge and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur.

IT and Systems

It aims to provide cutting edge technology to all centres of excellence by measuring every step un the sector and staying ahead of IT and systems development in all verticals of business.

Economics, Econometrics, Statistics & Research

Providing in-depth perspective on economics & quantitative methods applicable to business strategy, and enriching your perspective by carrying out empirical & management research.

Strategy Management

It is aimed at teaching the principles of strategic management. It will help you to analyse the risky environment and visualise the big picture.

Business Sustainability

To familiarise students with concepts, terminology and elements that comprise sustainable business by covering various dimensions of sustainability and practical applications of the same.

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